Saturday, June 3, 2023

10 Last-minute exam tips for Maths


India is the country where zero was invented, the most significant achievement of all time. Yet, earning high scores in mathematics has been taboo for most of the students in several parts of the country over the years.

Mathematics can be a tricky subject for most of the students who are preparing for their exams at the last minute. The hassle of dealing with the most detailed analytical questions is a real struggle for many of the class 9 students. While some turn to their tutors for a last-minute crash course, others may just be well acquainted with the last-minute preparation hacks. These days, students can refer to a vast variety of online resources for better practice in Maths, many of such resources are curated by subject experts who have professional experience of many years.

One such remarkable solution for class 9 students is ‘The Class 9 Maths RS Aggarwal’. Students also get the solutions for the questions from respective chapters at the back of each chapter. RS Aggarwal Solutions Chapter 1 Real Numbers  is the chapter that sets the foundation for the class 9 Maths syllabus on a comfortable note. The students can get in-depth knowledge of real numbers and the way they can be used with the different types of numbers that are imaginary. There are a lot of places where we can use a real number in real life. People usually think these numbers are only used in maths for theory, but that’s where they miss out on the most significant learning experience.

For instance, if you have to measure the physical and fundamental quantities such as the depth of a swimming pool or the height of a building, measurements like these cannot be calculated if you don’t know about the calculations related to real numbers. That’s how maths can be fun to learn and study while considering its practical usage. The rest of the chapters can be studied using the same approach to make it more interesting so you won’t have to stress yourself out while preparing for exams. High scores, then, will be the byproduct of such a rich learning experience.

But, for the students who are looking for quick last-minute exam tips for Maths, the below-mentioned tips will be the most reliable ones to follow especially for the ones who are more into self-study.

Top 10 tips:

  1.   The first step would be to keep a pen and a notebook with you while you prepare yourself to learn about new concepts present in Class 9 Maths, it is recommended to solve the problems one by one as you proceed further with the respective topic or chapter.
  2.   Second, you need to have an open mind and focus on the concepts at hand. If you try to cover multiple concepts at a time, it will be a disaster for your exam preparation. So, it’s better to simply focus on one concept first and then move on to the other one once you practice it to the core.
  3.   To ace your Maths exam, you need to learn the concepts in-depth. For that, it is necessary to practice the concepts as many times as possible and learn the mechanism by heart. Practice is only going to make you improvise on the concepts that you are weak at.
  4.   Although it can seem a bit difficult to cover all the topics at first, it is always a good idea to keep a positive attitude while learning and devote your time undividedly to the task at hand. Choose your topics once you start to go with the flow. Prioritize the difficult topics above the ones you have already mastered before.
  5.   Also, it may be disappointing when you cannot solve the questions efficiently or if your answer doesn’t match the answer provided in the solution. But, it’s better to always refer to the method through which the question was solved. This will help you learn more about the mistakes you’ve made while solving the answer.
  6.   Although you may feel like the time is flying away really fast, it is better to practice important questions from previous years’ exam papers and acquaint yourself with the changing patterns of questions being asked. Also, it’s good to prepare yourself beforehand rather than missing out on the important formulas and concepts that comprise a majority of the Maths examination paper.
  7.   Many students repeat the mistake of not keeping a track of time while studying for their exams. It is suggested to give yourself a deadline for the completion of each topic. The more time you give yourself to practice, the less time you’ll get to thoroughly revise the same at the last minute.
  8.    Learning the methods and practicing the formulas is not enough. It is highly recommended that you revise the important questions for the Maths exam by using the updated study material for Class 9 Maths to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and score more marks in your exams. Moreover, you can solve the questions which are given in the RS Aggarwal as well.
  9.   Don’t shy away to ask for help from your friends or peers or even your parents or tutors if you feel stuck with certain topics while doing it all by yourself. A good counseling session is of great help before exams.
  10.   Although referring to multiple course materials for studying one subject might confuse many, you must refer to the study material that helps you understand the concepts in an easy language and with simple comprehension techniques. This way, you’ll also get insights about the concepts that the chapter in one book might miss or cannot provide with detailed understanding.

These tips will provide you with all the answers that you need to score good marks in the most anticipated Maths examinations at the last minute.