Thursday, September 29, 2022

All the Types of Aesthetic Lasers


Laser treatment has taken the beauty industry by storm. Today, there are numerous people seeking laser treatment to remove acne, unwanted hair, and aging spots. Laser treatments are less invasive and provide significant outcomes. The light emitted from the machine penetrates the skin pigment to eliminate these issues. However, each treatment requires a specific type of laser. Aesthetic lasers are created in different varieties differentiated by mode of delivery and wavelength. The following are the known types of aesthetic lasers.


In this category, there are ablative fractionated lasers and ablative non-fractionated lasers. Ablative lasers are used for skin resurfacing. Even though they are a bit harsh, their outcome is the most effective. The impact of the laser is experienced on the skin surface and the deep layers of the skin. They work through resurfacing of the damaged skin by evaporating the skin layer and providing room for new growth. The treatment is harsh, and the patient may need some time to recover. One may also experience mild side effects like skin swelling, reddening, scarring, and infection. For people who have huge scars, pigmentation, and deep wrinkles, the ablative laser can be the best for them.

Non-Ablative Lasers

These include non-ablative fractionated lasers and non-ablative non-fractionated lasers. These lasers are safer and less aggressive than ablative lasers. These lasers are used to rejuvenate the skin. The laser targets the dermis layer and does not touch the epidermis. However, the results may not be as effective as those from ablative lasers. They are still ideal when safety and quick recovery are the priorities. You can get these lasers in different brands like Alma lasers, and the systems are categorized into three groups;

  • Pulsed Dye Laser
  • Intense Pulsed Light
  • Mid-infrared Lasers

The great thing about non-ablative lasers is their rapid recovery and the ability to treat any issue related to rosacea, poikiloderma, and others.

Fractional Lasers

These lasers provide better results compared to ablative and non-ablative lasers. They lack the recovery downtime and are less invasive. There are two common laser treatments under fractional lasers. These are, Fraxel Skin Resurfacing that penetrates the skin to break the pigment causing the brown spots and improving collagen production. The other popular form of fractional lasers is Clear and Brilliant. This treatment is gentle on the skin and perfect for treating issues like wrinkles, skin damage from the sun, or melasma. For individuals who want to maintain youthful skin, this is the best laser treatment they can choose.

Radiofrequency Technologies

These technologies are safe for all types of skins and colors. They are mostly used to treat scars and tighten the skin. Another new version of the laser is used to rejuvenate and tighten the vagina.

In Conclusion

These are different types of aesthetic lasers you will come across today. The cosmetic laser field is wide, and the technology keeps changing it. With these types of lasers, it is possible to help individuals achieve the desired look of their skin. They are best for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, removing tattoos, and treating vascular and pigment lesions.