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All You Need To Know About About Corporate Housing


In recent years, corporate housing has emerged as a popular choice for accommodation. It is a fully-furnished, temporary lodging facility, available for both short-term and long-term stays. While searching for corporate housing Atlanta offers myriad choices in terms of amenities and services. Furthermore, the accommodation style is considered an excellent cost-effective alternative to hotels. Usually, individuals with long-term housing accommodation opt for corporate housing facilities.

Who utilizes corporate housing?

The largest demographic utilizing the corporate housing accommodation are the ones relocating to different locations. Surveys suggest that around 35% of the clients relocating to different parts of the USA consider opting for corporate housing. Regardless of the reason behind the relocation, individuals invest in corporate housing because it allows them to evaluate the new neighborhood before making the final decision to move and start staying permanently.

Corporate housing Atlanta appeals to professionals from different industries like:

  • Technology
  • Government officials
  • Military
  • Emergency frontline workers
  • Financial
  • Insurance agents
  • Project training
  • Consultation

The accommodation style is not limited to only certain professionals. It has also emerged as a popular choice among students, interns, travelers, and people seeking temporary accommodation due to several reasons.

Choosing corporate housing

Often corporate housing is tagged as a home away from home. Whenever a stay extends to a short visit, a minimum of 30 days, corporate housing is the preferred choice. Staying in a hotel room can be expensive, and also makes one feel suffocated within the four walls. When one stays away from home for a long period, he/she desires to enjoy similar conveniences and amenities of home like homemade meals, laundry, a functional kitchen, washing machine and dryer, adequate housing space, and other facilities. One can enjoy the following corporate housing facilities.

  • Housekeeping services
  • Grocery delivery
  • 24*7 internet
  • Television access
  • Access to the gym and pool
  • Doctor on call

The highlighting aspect of corporate apartments is that there are no hidden charges or additional fees. The price includes the amounts for internet, television, telephone services, washing and drying, and other utilities. Corporate housing Atlanta allows one to enjoy the luxury and ease of a hotel without paying a huge amount. Corporate apartments are optimal for those planning to have an extended stay.

Corporate housing versus furnished housing

When one is looking for accommodation beyond the standard hotel realms, several housing options are available. Furnished apartments seem to be a popular option considered by several people. Often people seeking housing accommodation confuse between furnished and corporate housing and consider them to be the same thing. The primary distinction between the two is that furnished housing caters to shorter stays, usually at the daily or weekly rates. On the other hand, corporate housing is reputed for providing long-term stays at cost-effective rates.

A furnished housing might be partially or fully furnished, and there is no uniformity in the rules applied. Because multiple landlords are offering furnished housing for accommodation facilities, one is subjected to the specific landlord’s rules and regulations. Corporate housing, on the other hand, offers a uniform standard and specific guidelines for all properties to abide by. Since there is no standard regulation followed, furnished housing fails to offer any security to either party. This is in total contrast to the established and recognized business model of corporate housing Atlanta.

Unlike a corporate apartment, furnished housing is a short-term accommodation facility, and is thereby subject to rental laws. If a guest stays less than thirty days, he/she has to pay the hospitality tax, similar to hotel accommodation. If the stay extends beyond a month, he/she is subjected to rental laws. On the other hand, corporate housing falls under real estate law that offers better and more efficient protection to both the owners and the tenants. In terms of privacy, a corporate apartment is way better with a peaceful and stable ambiance. A furnished apartment often houses the landlord on the premise, sometimes sharing the space, thereby impacting privacy.

The choice between a corporate apartment and furnished housing depends on the person and the experience he/she wants to indulge in. but, for longer stays, corporate housing is considered a better, safer, and more budget-friendly choice.

Finding corporate housing

The wide array of housing options available in the market is an overwhelming experience. One can find myriad varieties other than tons of corporate apartments. It is always recommended by experts that one shouldn’t be hasty while looking for corporate housing apartments. The internet can be a great source for an interested person hunting for suitable housing. It is strongly advised that one must look into the corporate housing companies and shortlist a few of them. One can get guidance and consultation in choosing the right property. The presence of reviews and credentials will help understand the quality of services offered.

Selecting the right corporate housing

One needs to select a corporate apartment that fits his/her needs, lifestyle, and budget. When one opts for the right service provider, the experience is top-notch and beyond any comparison.

  • A good corporate housing Atlanta service provider evaluates, furnishes, and inspects every location so that the guest can have a comfortable and convenient stay.
  • Because the providers take time to design and furnish every apartment personally, they include functional designs. It includes all the necessary household items, starting from mattresses, to kitchen utensils, and laundry products along with a private and peaceful ambiance.
  • When good corporate housing is chosen, one can enjoy a wide array of furnishing and amenities. The home is filled with essential items like a fast internet connection, television, premium quality coffee beans, comfortable bed linens, and the list goes on.
  • Considering accommodation at corporate housing is stress-free. There is no need to face the hassles of day-to-day routine, like clogged sink, leaky pipe, etc. The presence of 24*7 on-call support staff can be helpful for people staying in corporate apartments.


When one gets to experience the benefits of corporate apartments, he/she will never want to go back to the overpriced hotels. Corporate housing Atlanta can minimize anxiety and stress for comfortable, and cost-effective housing. This saves time and money.