Sunday, June 4, 2023

Best UPSC Prelims Strategy for 2021


After the postponement of the Civil Services Prelims Examination 2021, lakhs of aspirants will now take the examination on 10th October to achieve their dream of getting a Civil Services Post. Though the scores attained in the Prelims examination are not considered in the final merit list, yet the exam is of utmost importance. It is the first stage that shortlists the candidates for the next stage which is UPSC Mains.

The Union Public Service Commission has released the calendar for this year’s recruitment. According to which, the UPSC 2021 application process began on March 4, 2021 and ended on March 24, 2021.

Aspiring candidates can find the best prelims strategy for 2021 below.

Revision Strategy for IAS Prelims 2021

Usually, the candidates start their UPSC preparation in an integrated manner. During two months ahead of the prelims exam, aspirants should focus entirely on preparing with an objective approach. As the exam is of MCQ type, candidates should revise the facts multiple times.


What should one revise?

  1. Start with NCERT notes of all subjects. These are the basic study materials which candidates shouldn’t miss revising. There are chances that science, geography and history questions are asked from NCERT books.
  2. Candidates then should start revising their mock tests’ answers. There are times when candidates score less in mock tests due to less revision of main subjects. Hence, it is required by the candidates to focus on those topics which seemed difficult for them to answer in mocks. Usually, it is called reverse learning.
  3. Revise notes made out from reference books. For example, candidates should revise the notes they compiled from Modern History, Geography, Environment books. As the Civil Services and Indian Forest Services Exams have a common prelims test, therefore, questions driven by environment, agriculture are expected in high numbers.

One of the most important tools for revision is previous year questions asked in the UPSC Exam. Candidates must compile Topic Wise UPSC Prelims Questions of past years to understand the trend of questions asked in the Civil Services Exam. It will also help them analyse the importance of static topics.

Must-Read Books for UPSC Prelims

There are a few books which an aspirant must not miss reading to sit for the IAS examination. The list of such books is given below:

  1. NCERT Class 11 Fine Arts – It is an important book to cover art and culture for the UPSC exam.
  2. NCERT Class 12 Themes in Indian History [All Parts] – These books are also important for Indian culture and heritage related topics.
  3. A Brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir – It is also one of the most-referred books to study for the UPSC Exam.
  4. Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth – It is assumed that candidates must have revised this book multiple times as it is considered a treasure to study Indian Polity related topics.
  5. NCERT Class 6-12 Geography Books – This is one of the subjects which require basic information of the topics complemented with current affairs. Hence, candidates should read NCERT books and revise them often.

For subjects like economy, environment, and science; candidates refer to one book of their choice and stick to it. These subjects’ notes are to be complemented with current affairs revision.

Candidates must trust their preparation and sit for the exam with confidence. Keep visiting UPSC official website for latest updates..