Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Coronavirus Cleaning Checklist for Your Office or Business


The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all aware of just how vulnerable we are to the health conditions and habits of others. If your facility is open to the public, or if your business requires face to fact connections, getting your current disinfection process reviewed and possible upgraded is a good choice for your employees and clients alike.

Risk Assessment

Our Offices Disinfection Services team will visit your facility to determine the areas of highest risk. This may mean that conference rooms will need a slight schedule change to make sure tables, light switches and door handles get special attention on a daily basis.

Because the Offices Sanitizing Services available can vary in product and intensity, working with professionals who offer carefully detailed data on the products they use and the timing of disinfection services is critical to helping you make the best choice for your business.

Surface Review and Recommendations

Our Business Disinfection Services team will visit your facility, determine the best cleaning products for the surfaces in your facility, and address the cleaning needs. Depending on the workspaces of your employees and the decor of your public areas, we may need to do some testing and bring in different products for unique conditions.

For example, a laminate desk and a glass table top can probably be treated with either the same or very similar products, but an unsealed tile floor or a marble sideboard in a conference room will likely need different care. Our Business Sanitizing Services professionals are prepared to test in unobtrusive areas to lower the risk of discoloration to prevent any challenges to porous vs. non-porous surfaces.

Schedule Considerations

Your business needs to be open and accessible during your regular hours of operation. Our schedule can and will adjust around your schedule. For example, if a conference room needs a detailed disinfection due to specific risk, we will work with your scheduling team to reduce or hopefully eliminate down time.

Concentrated Projects

If you need Offices Disinfection Services after known contamination, you can count on our discretion as well as our quality disinfection process. We know that you can only control so much of what comes into your office. Keeping everyone within your office masked is just a good start, and contaminants can be brought in on a variety of outside surfaces and even from guests, suppliers and delivery personnel. If you have an outbreak that needs addressed quickly, contact us.

The professionals at Germ Hero are fully aware of the current data on COVID-19. We’re also aware that the situation is in a state of flux. For best protection of your health, your employees, your clients and your business, contact us so we can set up a regular disinfecting schedule. Our products and professionals may protect you and yours from an outbreak.

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