Saturday, July 20, 2024

Dwell Time for Cleaning and Disinfected a Contagious Area


Since the advent of the novel coronavirus, the world is now more aware of the benefits of cleaning and disinfecting an environment regularly. While many people are more concerned with cleaning and disinfecting, dwell time often receives little mention. Crime scene cleaners do not just clean, sanitize and disinfect an area without taking into cognizance the right dwell time. Dwell time is the difference between cleaning and disinfection. Dwell time plays a key role in the safety of the environment.


The purpose of cleaning is to get rid of visible particles from a surface. To clean a surface you need soap and detergent. Note that, cleaning doesn’t kill harmful viruses, bacteria, and other fungi, regardless of how sparkling clean the surface looks.


The purpose of sanitizing is to reduce the number of contaminants on a surface by a significant amount. It is important to note that sanitizers work differently on germs. So when shopping for a sanitizing agent, choose one that’s effective for the germs or bacteria you want to remove. Sanitizers are often used for food preparation surfaces. moreover, sanitizers are not as strong and effective as a disinfectant.


Want to get rid of germs and bacteria completely? Consider disinfecting the area. This process not only reduces or removes germs from the scene but completely eliminates them. Disinfectants are created to kill a wide range of germs and bacteria, unlike sanitizers. Because disinfectants are harsher than sanitizers, crime scene cleaners avoid skin contact with the solution. Also, they are not recommended as a handwashing alternative.

Here is a better illustration for clarity purpose


  • Clean with vinegar
  • Sanitize with isopropyl alcohol
  • Disinfect with bleach.

For disinfectant or sanitizers to work effectively, surfaces must be clean. Doing this removes the dirt on the surface leaving the germs and bacteria exposed. This makes sanitizing and disinfecting remove the contaminants easily.

Choosing the right cleaning solutions can be overwhelming because there are many options to consider. The internet is home to a wide range of options for DIY cleaners and expert cleaners. No matter the solution you opt for, be sure to conduct thorough research work. Check to see if the cleaning solution will work perfectly for the scene you are about to clean.

Dwell Time

To see an impressive result when remediating a crime scene, you must leave the disinfectants or sanitizer to sit on the surface for a specific period of time, otherwise known as dwell time. If you clean off the solution a lot faster than necessary, the surface hasn’t been deep cleaned. Bacteria and germs might still be hanging on. Some of these contaminants are stubborn and require a specific amount of dwell time to get rid of them.

The dwell time for cleaning a surface depends on the composition of the sanitizer or disinfectant. These cleaning solutions come with instructions on how to use and how much dwell time is required before wiping it off the surface.  You’ll find this information in the instructions on the product label. Avoid any product without this information.