Saturday, July 20, 2024

Electronic lock: Technology at the service of everyday life


Electronics have migrated into our lives over the last two decades. Most of the mechanical stuff has been replaced by electronic devices. With the use of ever evolving technology, more and more complex systems are being designed to provide increased convenience to the average user. The humble lock is one such example that has seen huge developments and integrations with electronics.

Electronic lock can be found everywhere these days. From supermarkets, to offices, to homes and schools one can see someone or the other unlocking a door without using a key. Whether it is a safe, a door, a storage closet in a factory or even a refrigerator in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, more and more people are adopting the convenience of a keyless lock.

An electronic lock is surprisingly beneficial

Both home owners and business owners are becoming aware of the benefits of using electronic locks and are adopting it in an increasing pace. Here are some advantages of replacing your traditional locks with electronic ones.

  • Do away with keys – Opening the door when both your hands are occupied becomes a chore in itself. Creating multiple copies of keys for each family member then rushing home when someone loses their key is another nightmare. With electronic options available now, all this hassle can be avoided.
  • Time bound locking – Sometimes, free access is required during the day and the door needs to be locked during the night. Like in a school or an office premises. Digital locks provide you this flexibility of time bound locking and unlocking.
  • No more picking – Lock picks are useless here. You can finally have the peace of mind and leave the house unattended. If you are incharge of a storage space like supplies closet in the office, no more worrying about missing items. You can rely on the electronically operated lock because there are no mechanical access points.
  • Enhanced durability – With time, the keys and the pins inside the traditional locks wear down making it less secure and cumbersome to get into your own house or office cabin. With electronic lock, you eliminate the possibility of wear and tear.
  • Look ma, no hands – Yes, today you do not even need to use your hands to unlock a door or a safe, or the garage door. You can simply walk to the door where the such a lock is present and it will automatically open the door for you. The key here is a fob or a keycard and the proximity sensor on the lock that detect each other and do their wireless magic to give you convenience.

Futuristic technologies for your electronic lock

Today, proximity sensors, fingerprint readers, facial recognition, smartphones, Apps and many other means are available for someone looking to ditch the key. You can even enable all the doors in your home to not just be keyless but contactless as well. Imagine never having to touch a door and just hopping between rooms with the door unlocking and locking as you move from one room to another in your office. You might also want to have your pets carrying fobs in their collars to access doors / windows for easy access to the outside world.

For those of us who want enhanced security and strict access control like military establishments and R&D centers, putting facial recognition or fingerprint enabled locks solves so many security issues at once. You can also monitor the access to note which employee or personnel entered and what was the time of entry and exit. The electronic lock has opened a window of unlimited opportunities to provide convenience and ease of use to everyone across the globe.