Friday, April 12, 2024

Get to know about the Singapore sports history


The Singapore Sports Museum is the country’s first of its kind, with various exhibits tracing Singapore’s sporting history and providing an exciting environment for those interested in diving into the world of sports.

The memorabilia on display was donated by supporters and athletes and represented a wide range of topics. The Museum is divided into permanent galleries that house immersive exhibitions that are amazing, entertaining, and providing you with an enjoyable learning opportunity!

The amazing displays allow tourists to take a ride down memory lane while learning about Singapore’s diverse sports innovations. Not to mention, exhibitions of our local sports stars and their achievements of Singapore sports history will be on show, many of which have contributed to Singapore’s sporting excellence!


For three decades, the landmark Singapore Indoor Stadium has hosted an incredible and ever-expanding series of different activities. This exhibition aims to give visitors a snapshot of some of the activities held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium while marvelling at the evolution of poster designs and taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The hall of fame

Begin your Museum tour with a visit to the Hall of Fame, which features a huge display panel honouring more than 50 Singapore sports icons! The Sports Hall of Fame (HOF) was founded in 1985 by the then-Singapore Sports Council (SSC) to honour and recognize the accomplishments of Singapore’s top athletes.

This wall is adorned with the names of Singapore’s best players, highlighting their outstanding accomplishments that have brought Singapore fame!

Building a Dream

This nostalgic gallery houses a series of rare artefacts documenting the beginnings of local sports clubs and organizations, which saw many Singaporean athletes achieve international renown. The artefacts on display in this gallery date back to the 1950s and demonstrate how zeal paved the way for sporting success in Singapore.

The elegance listed here is all part of Singapore sports history.