Thursday, September 29, 2022

How to Extend the Life of your Vehicle


Servicing and maintenance to our cars go a long way in extending their service life to us. Since fueling keeps going up, car owners need to have efficient vehicles that perform at it’s optimum. It is smart to take a proactive approach in extending the life of an automobile. Let us look at some ways that you can do that;

Regular Cleaning

It is common for people to clean a vehicle when it is new. The practice slowly dies off when the car starts getting old. You can have a professional clean the insides without damaging the engine. A regular car wash can clean the exteriors, or you can choose to do it on your own. Ensure the car is dry after cleaning to minimize the risks of developing rust that can eat away the metal.


A vehicle engages with the road using its tires. The traction helps in ensuring your safety while on the road. So, it is vital to ensure that they remain in good condition to prevent accidents. Also, always check the pressure whenever you are driving for long distances. Tires can be expensive, and you can ensure they last longer by taking care of them.

Check the Oil and Coolant

Car owners can protect their vehicle engines and improve their performance by regularly changing oil. It is advisable to clean the filter after draining the old oil. There is no point in adding new oil if you keep that hardware dirty. Ensure you choose PEAK Auto car-specific coolants to fit the requirements of the automobile. You can access the car manual online to understand the ideal way of handling the cooling and engine systems. Be on the lookout for leakages to have a mechanic repair the system instantly to avoid it from breaking down. Avoid mixing the antifreeze fluids. You can choose a product that is universal for automobiles.

 Quality Fuel

The type of fuel you use for your engines will affect the performance of the car. Utilizing high-quality Fuel helps in extending the vehicle’s lifespan. Sediments are usually present in fuel when you fill it immediately after a filling station refills its tanks. The use of clean and high-quality Fuel will extend the engine service.

Change the Air Filters

The vehicle consumes more fuel when there is dirt or blockage in the air filters. Every year, car owners need to consider changing the air filters. You can consider changing it more if you operate in places with dust particles. Changing the system is not difficult as you can learn ways to do it yourself.

Don’t Procrastinate on Repairs

Whenever there is damage to your vehicle, it is smart to undertake repairs promptly. Procrastinating can lead to escalated costs when going for repairs. Repairing any faults soon as you discover them will aid in extending their lifespan.


When driving to the car, ensure to take good care of it. It is advisable to go slowly, and you can increase the speed as the vehicle starts picking up. Also, Buy durable parts whenever repairing the car as they are long-lasting.