Saturday, July 20, 2024

How to Identify an Unqualified Trauma Cleaning Company


The significant increase in the number of unqualified and inexperienced trauma cleaning technicians who major in a completely different field has been alarming. These fly-by-night technicians should be avoided by every means possible. While professional technicians who perform their duties diligently makes trauma cleaning services look easy, it is one of the most difficult cleaning task ever.

Many unqualified technicians trick people by claiming what they aren’t, which is experienced and knowledgeable in the field. The truth is anyone who lacks passion and commitment to serve the community they represent shouldn’t venture into trauma cleaning service. Trauma cleaning service is not one of those fast money schemes. There are certain qualities that make a business stand out from the competition. In the same vein, there are few red flags to watch out for when looking for trauma cleaning services.

Do they have a physical address? Some of these inexperienced companies give out a UPS store address in an attempt to gain trust from clients and fooling them into thinking they have a local presence. Once they get contracted for a trauma cleaning job, they either outsource the task or delay in responding, because they are not located anywhere near the community or area.

A lot of these fly-by-night companies are infamous for providing unreliable estimates while some would want to cut corners.

They have a new face for every cleaning job. In other words, they work with temporary technicians who sometimes are ill-trained for this job. This puts yourself and your family at risk as you can’t be too sure who’s in your home. These companies usually recruit people with criminal records. Odds are high that these day workers lack the proper training required to carry out professional trauma cleaning service.

Are they insured? Well, you can’t say for sure if they are. You should find out. An uninsured trauma cleaning company shouldn’t come close to your property unless you are ready to face the consequences of hiring one such as the risk of liability or worse.  How about protection? Most inexperienced trauma cleaning technicians are not always properly equipped for cleaning up a crime scene. Not only do they put their lives at risk, but also the client isn’t safe either.

They do not follow proper cleaning procedures. For total remediation of a trauma scene, there are cleaning steps and processes to follow. Not following these procedures endangers lives and properties.

Conduct deep research into the company’s background and you’d discover that they are running a franchise business. The owner bought a franchise, took a training class that lasted a week, and got the expert trauma cleaning service tag. Buying a franchise and undergoing short training doesn’t make you a professional overnight.  It takes years of learning and practice to develop the skills and knowledge required to be an expert in this field.

They’ve only been in business for one year and do not have any area of specialization. In other words, they are jack of all trades. They can do every task possible including painting, auto mechanic, branding, and cleaning a property after a violent crime.

Watch out for these red flags when hiring a trauma cleaning company. An inexperienced company can worsen your trauma. Avoid them by all means.