Thursday, September 29, 2022

Removing Odors from Vehicles and Residential Buildings


Are you planning to sell your home or vehicle? Looking to increase the value of your property? Have this at the back of your mind that the value of a property or vehicle that contains pungent smells will be lower than the current market value. While some potential buyers may likely not return a second time to have a look at the property due to the bad smell, others may offer ridiculous prices. Therefore, the best thing to do is to first get rid of the bad odor before selling. Biohazard cleaning company takes care of odor removal with ease.

There are many causes of pungent smells including fire, smoke, death, pet urine, and droppings. Odds are you’ve tried to remove the odor using traditional cleaning agents yet it prevails. Bad odor removal should be given special attention. A biohazard cleaning company hires professional forensic cleaners that have mastered the art of getting rid of the worst odors fast and naturally.  There are secret techniques known by professional cleaners used to deal with bad odors.

Odor Removal: What it Entails?

If you are dealing with bad odor from an unattended death, for instance, removing all biohazards caused by the deceased body is a progressive step. The same applies to dog pee, rodent droppings, cat pees, or places where pets spend the most time. Removing all hazardous components or remnants makes the treatment technique more effective. In the case of smoke odor, removing all porous materials and cleaning the walls and other large surfaces will do a great job at reducing the bad odor. Keep in mind that a biohazard cleaning company handles bad odor differently based on the root cause of the pungent smell. Here are a few examples:

Death Odor

A decomposing body produces bad smell, making the environment unsafe to stay healthwise. A biohazard cleaning company is an expert at removing harmful biohazards and bad smells from a decomposing body. No bad odor can compare to the one that oozes from a decomposing body. This odor affects all porous materials and surfaces in its way. Deal with this type of odor the right way with the help of a professional biohazard cleaning company. They use the most effective biohazard remediation process to get rid of the smell of death.

Pet Odor

Your furry friend can leave some annoying smell behind, making yourself, your family members, and guests feel uncomfortable in the home. This odor stems from urine, vomit, feces, and other toxins released from their skin and fur. This is not a job for disinfectants as you need a more effective approach that only a professional odor removal service can offer. Expert biohazard cleaning company uses proven methods and techniques to get rid of the odor, thus improving indoor air quality.

Bottom Line

Odor removal is a multi-stage process. Missing one of the steps might render the entire process useless. It is impossible to see odors so the only way to make the smell disappear is by finding the right source of the smell. This is one of the most crucial stages of the entire process.

Expert biohazard cleaning company uses a wide range of cleaning techniques to make the bad smell disappear. This includes thermal fogging and ozone shock treatment. These techniques are proven to get rid of bad smell naturally.