Thursday, June 30, 2022

Swimming Pool 3Cs To Properly Maintain Your Swimming Pool


Everybody wants that their swimming pool stays sparkly clean at all times. However, this can become a troublesome cleaning chore for many of us. Swimming pools require a significant amount of upkeeping and maintenance, given their size.

While expert swimming pool installation process can let you enjoy the best possible installation. Regularly maintaining it afterward is the key to having a clean and crystal-clear swimming pool in your backyard. Like the professional swimming pool services, we have listed three Cs of professional-level upkeeping.

Here are the three Cs to look for:

1 – Circulation

Water circulation in a swimming pool is essential to keep the regular functioning of hygienic clean water in your swimming pool. As we all are aware, stagnant water is a breeding home for bacteria and mold. Therefore, for clean and safe swimming pool functioning, water pump circulation is the topmost priority for pool owners. Backwashing the pump and filters ensures effective cleaning.

Like our heart, circulation in the swimming pool is possible with filters. If the filter pumps are not pumping the water regularly, the water will soon become home to algae and mold. Swimming pool services recommend keeping the pump running day and night. However, regularly pumping of around ten hours per day is essential for regular maintenance. Keep your filters up-to-date by cleaning them regularly.

2 – Cleaning

Most of you will be thinking everything regarding swimming pool maintenance revolves around cleaning only. But it actually is very simpler, keep your filters clean, the pool clean, and you get your swimming water clean as well. Make your efforts speak volumes of cleaning effects by putting up with a simple cleaning plan. Make a schedule to keep the cleaning process organized and most effective with the least efforts.

Keep your efforts sorted by maintaining the regular cleaning process with nothing fancy stuff to get you started. Keep your cleaning plan in action by using simple tools like the following:


Pool Brushes


Keep the process step by step regularly in action, skim, brush, and keep vacuuming your swimming pool regularly.

3 – Chemistry

Not blaring flames and changing electric colors of fluids, but simple chemistry of the swimming pool water. You must keep tabs on balancing the chemistry of your swimming pool. It might be intimidating for now with chemistry and all big words, but it is not actually the case. Swimming pool water chemistry is simple and straight-forward, to say the least.

Water testing kits with simple things like litmus paper, etcetera are simple magical gadgets for keeping the water chemistry in line. Water testing is an essential step to intimate you what should be your plan of action to treat your water.

Acidity level, pH level, and proper sanitizer level are all indicators to identify the need for chemicals. Use home remedies that are a lot popular like baking soda, to fix the acidity level. However, you will need the help of swimming pool services for more information on the right products and tests.


Make sure you know what you are doing while cleaning your swimming pool. Just like any other home fixtures, two swimming pools cannot be alike. Swimming pools maintenance and upkeeping depend on size, shape, and other variable factors.