Sunday, June 4, 2023

Take Virtual Reality To The Next Level With A View Master


Do you want to surprise your kid with a new toy? Are you looking for a view master viewer and reel to enjoy high-quality slides? This inexpensive toy was popular for ages. It is now advanced and can be compatible with your Smartphone. How does a view master allow you to explore the world and watch interesting TV shows? Was the view master used in military training during World War 2? Which situations affect the value of reels?

View master

It is used to view high-quality slides. View master reels use interchangeable reels with 14 slides creating seven 3D views. To get a complete augmented reality treatment, you need reels. This technology has been used for decades to view images for learning, training, and entertainment purposes. When you visit a new place, you can collect reels from photography stores, souvenir shops, and various tourist attraction sites. At first, it was an alternative to scenic postcards. They are more popular than postcards since they are more realistic, full-color 3D, and show seven scenes.

Military training.

To train the US army during World War 2, the view master company produced lots of training videos. It helped the army to learn about the different aircraft models and gun range values. It helped the soldiers to familiarize themselves with possible deployment locations, and reels portrayed potential landing regions. Reels have helped military men to spot the planes from opposing forces easily. After the war, view master popularity increased and was created for entertainment purposes.

Is it safe for children?

View master is safe for children and will allow your child to explore the world while enjoying the wonder of 3D. Ophthalmologists have proven that view master is optically safe for children seven years and above. It is up to the parent to determine age-appropriate viewing time as per the pediatric guidelines.

How does it work?       

To operate the view master, you need to insert a circular cardboard reel into a slot. Each view master reel has a total of 14 colored photographs that are controlled by a lever. View master reels were packed individually according to common subjects. You may decide to have your reels custom-made to fit your business or personal needs. Television shows like South Park have produced reels for public use.

The user views a card with two identical images set at slightly different angles through two lenses, one for each eye. The illusion of a large 3D image is created since the two images seem combined. Tourists like to buy stereograph cards as souvenirs to remember their vacation time. Depending on the experience pack you are using, you should turn the volume up in each scene to enjoy the awesome sound. The intro may have a little music. The audio comprises ambient sounds like wind blowing lightly.

New view master

This inexpensive toy has been redesigned and improved over the years. In the new model, cardboard disks carry content instead of slipping them into the viewer; you use your viewer to scan a unique code making a 3D image appear. It allows you to spin around in a place and be able to see everything around you. A downloadable app splits your phone’s screen into two images. When viewed simultaneously it creates a 3D effect. To interact with your environment or scroll through images, a magnetic button is present on the side. The modern view master functions in the following ways:

  • Buy an experience pack and use a compatible Smartphone to download the free Google cardboard app.
  • As proof of purchase, you should scan the passcard that comes with the experience pack using your Smartphone.
  • Slide your phone into the viewer and look through it towards an included reel. When the app recognizes the reel, an augmented reality icon pops up on the screen. You enter the experience by pushing a trigger to select floating icons to navigate. You will notice images on the reel appear all around you since you are virtually standing in that world.

Cost of reels

View master viewers and reels are reasonably priced. Situations that determine if the value of reel drops include:

  • The reel has mildew or mold.
  • Reels with scenes missing are virtually worthless.
  • Inner story booklet or packet that comes with the reel is damaged or torn
  • Heat or moisture caused paper blisters on reels.


  • The closed casing prevents you from accessing the phone’s headphone jack. It means you will have to depend on your phone’s speaker, which may not be ideal for crowded places.
  • It has a tight-fitting rubber eye-piece making it hard for people with large glasses to fit over their frames.
  • Lack of straps to anchor the viewer into the user’s head. If the video and games are long, it will be a tiring experience if you will have to always hold the view master. However, this is a purposeful omission to prevent kids from using the view master for long periods.
  • During intensive usage, the handset gets hot and battery life drains fast since VR requires high graphics.
  • The view master limits the size of devices that will fit. It is because once you insert your phone you have to close the front.
  • It is dependent on a Smartphone. It means you might have to sacrifice your phone for the kids to use.
  • It is impossible to switch from one experience pack to another within a VR environment without opening up the viewer.


The view master is a viewer that works with a cardboard reel containing small color slides. It allows the user to view simulated 3 D images from TV shows or famous place exploration by flipping a lever. Each reel is packed individually depending on common subjects and has seven pairs of colored photographs rotated by a lever. During World War 2, it helped to train the US army. The value of view master reels depends on their condition. This technology has its drawbacks.