Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Knights of Ren


They’re mysterious. They’re deadly. They’re the Knights of Ren and they’re the most violent servants this side of the galaxy.

This group of masked warriors with their own unique weapons are bound to turn heads no matter what galaxy they may arrive in, so here’s a look at the Knights of Ren and what makes them so elite to follow Kylo’s bidding.

Possible Knight Origins

The Knights came from unknown regions of the galaxy, which explains how their reputation had inspired tall tales of how exploring uncharted space could be incredibly dangerous. However, it was the local folklore that established the bad stigma that was attributed to the Knights of Ren name. Between this and the mystery of them either embracing the legacies of legends or being directly intertwined with ancient tradition, the Knights actual origin is pretty foggy.

Strength of The Knights

Long story short, the Knights of Ren were known for being a group that was not to be crossed during the New Republic. Why? Well, there was various factors such as:
– The prowess they carried in the galaxy of martial arts was unparalleled.
– During strife and violence, they thrived.
– They were a new group of warriors who did not identify as Sith or Jedi.
– The Force was strong with them.
– The Knights only allowed fellow Force sensitives to join their group. If a non-Force warrior had interest in joining, they would be killed faster for not carrying such power.

Joining The Knights

Although Force sensitivity was a requirement, there was another factor that could make or break one’s entry in the Knights group of warriors: personal sacrifice. For example: Once a Knight known as “Ren” requested that one of the possible candidates (for the group) murder their own brother. Even Snoke considered this price to enter was too steep. Regardless, the main path to join the Knights had only two different results, which was fail and die or succeed and join. Even in the event one joined the Knights of Ren, they regretted such a decision rather quickly.

Kylo Ren set the archetype of what the Knights of Ren stood for, as they were the next generation of what would be known as the warriors of the Dark Side. Since the Knights had a muted connection to the Force, it was Kylo who had seemingly limitless power over the group and his adversaries.

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