Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ways Of Consuming Vaped Weed


Most weed smokers usually dump their buds in the dustbin after a vaping session because they don’t know that they can do more with already vaped weed. However, vaped weed has some amounts of cannabinoids that may lessen your trip to a cannabis shop if you know how to use them. This article highlights ways that you can use your vaped weed.

  1. Baking Edibles

Like other cannabis products, you can infuse vaped weed into edibles. That’s because they can be decarboxylated and activated by cooking. However, when baking vaped weed, ensure you use temperatures to prevent the cannabinoids from degrading. A low simmer will also help to protect its potency. If you intend to infuse it on butter oil, you can add it into your butter in a slow cooker.

  1. Making Drinkables

Once you’ve already vaped weed, it may be impossible to use it to make it into a flavorful drink. However, it can still make a good cup of coffee or tea. Most vaped ground-up cannabis are carboxylated. That means they have therapeutic cannabinoids. You can add them into your tea leaves in this state and make a strong coffee or tea. For a stronger experience, you can add cannabutter to your vaped weed. That way, you’ll recycle the vaped weed appropriately.

  1. Water Curing

When you buy cannabis from weed stores, it appears dark and tastes nice. However, vaped weed doesn’t have this quality, though you can use other flavors to give it a good taste. Water curing marijuana flowers can also help you to reduce the strong odor.

This method involves wrapping your vaped cannabis using a piece of cloth and inserting it in the water for a few days. After about four days, strain the cloth and dry its contents on an oven for a few hours as you mix after every thirty minutes. This procedure will help you get vaped weed, lacking the acrid taste to add to any drink and food.

  1. Making Tinctures

You can use vaped weed to create marijuana tinctures. After you’re done consuming the vaporized cannabis, put the remainder in a jar full of high-proof alcohol. Cover the alcohol and shake the jar every day for about a month and filter the contents using a straining device. You’ll get a perfect tincture extract that you can add to drinks and food or consume.

  1. Making Concentrates

You can also use vaped weed to make concentrates. However, this method requires you to use a solvent-based extraction or rosin press. Once you conduct solvent purging and extraction, you’ll be left with an effective and usable concentrate that’s created from your recycled vaped cannabis.

  1. Making Capsules

If you don’t like concentrates, you can create suppositories or capsules from vaped marijuana. You only need to infuse your vaped marijuana into a coconut oil mixed with lecithin to create easy to consume capsules. However, you need to be careful with homemade capsules because it isn’t easy to dose them. Furthermore, vaped weed also has undetermined cannabinoid amounts.

Final Words

After vaping weed, it’s advisable to look for ways of recycling instead of throwing it into the trash can. Fortunately, you can use it to make drinkables, bake edibles, create tinctures, concentrates, and capsules with some little knowledge.